In his post-game interview, Urban Meyer used the word, “exposed” to describe what happened to his Ohio State Buckeyes at Purdue on Saturday. It wasn’t as though the Buckeyes were run over by a Mack truck. It was more like they were attacked by a couple of little killer bees named Moore and Knox. The jet-fast little guys made the Buckeye defense look like their feet were anchored in concrete blocks. Zoom, zoom; zip, zip. Where’d they go? It was like a Roadrunner cartoon. The Buckeyes weren’t merely exposed, they were embarrassed. The forgotten team in the Western Division of the Big Ten—Purdue—may now be the team to watch.

As for the Buckeyes, the RPG system already knew the Buckeyes had no defense—only Oklahoma and Stanford are worse among our ranked teams. But we learned in the Purdue game that the Buckeyes cannot run the football. At all. That’s a mystery with two good running backs in the stable.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much as expected:

  1. LSU slogged it out with Mississippi State in the rain;
  2. Wisconsin survived a blizzard;
  3. Michigan State didn’t show up for its showdown with Michigan;
  4. Stanford found someone it could beat (Arizona State);
  5. Oklahoma outraced TCU;
  6. Colorado was “exposed” by Washington;
  7. Oregon was “exposed” by Washington State (and left out of rankings);
  8. Clemson has no competition in the ACC, and,
  9. UCF can win without its star quarterback against its weak competition.

Speaking of UCF, we added them to our rankings just for grins. Their schedule this year is even weaker than it was last year and their overall performance is no where near what it was last year. But, we wanted to see how far off the poll voters were as they ranked UCF No. 10. Pretty far off. In our rankings they are better only than West Virginia, Wisconsin and Stanford. They are not as good as Washington, Penn State and Ohio State who are ranked behind them in the polls simply because UCF has managed not to stumble over a cupcake.

My apologies to Irish fans but they did not get better during their bye week. The voters now have them at No. 3 arguably a playoff team, but that is just another homage to an unbeaten record. We have Alabama, Clemson, LSU and Michigan in the playoff positions. Yes, Notre Dame got lucky and beat Michigan once, but they wouldn’t be so lucky a second time. The Wolverines have gotten better while ND has gotten worse. We also have Georgia and Oklahoma ahead of the Irish in the playoff sweepstakes.

For a complete list of ranked teams and weekend playing performance grades, visit If you want to know how the numerical grades are calculated, find a copy of Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics wherever you buy books.