We finally got one pick right in our bracket—Villanova won the national championship. They were our only correct pick for the Final Four (we had Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke) and one of only three correct picks for the Elite Eight (thank you Duke and Kansas).

Once again, the tournament showed us why the format produces upsets and rarely gives us much anticipated matchups. We had looked forward to Michigan State – Duke but it didn’t happen. We wanted Xavier – Gonzaga, but it didn’t happen. We wanted a rematch of last years’ title game with North Carolina and Gonzaga, but it didn’t happen. We wanted to see Kentucky – Virginia, but it didn’t happen. A repeat of the Virginia – North Carolina ACC tournament title game would have been interesting, but it didn’t happen. We hoped for a rematch of the 2016 title game with Villanova and North Carolina in this years’ title game, but it didn’t happen.

What did happen was that Donte DiVincenzo stole the show in the title game and Villanova should be happy he did because apart from Donte, Villanova didn’t play all that much better than Michigan. The key to the victory was holding Michigan to 3 for 23 from three-point land. Had Michigan shot its three-point average, it would have been nip-and-tuck. So, Villanova’s defense and Donte’s heroics produced a wipeout.

This will be our last post until college football ramps up in August. It was a great season and we thank everyone who read and shared our posts throughout the season.

Look next for Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics, our book about college football which will go on sale on August 14. Basically, we apply the Relative Performance Grading (RPG) system to college football games and reveal what the experts get wrong about college football teams.

Watch also for a second edition of 128 Billion to 1 which will be released before the start of the next college basketball season. The second edition will use the just finished 2017-2018 season as the basis for its statistical analysis and commentary.

At www.nemosnumbers.com today we list the rankings of all 47 basketball teams that caught our attention this year. All the game grades are low because everyone lost their last game, except of course, Villanova. Have a look and see where your favorites ended up.

Take care, everyone, and have a terrific, and safe, summer!