As promised we’ve added three teams to our rankings bringing our total to twenty-two teams. Before the tournament selections we will add two more teams and will replace any team not obviously in the top twenty-four—watch out Texas A&M.

This week we added Auburn, Tennessee and Clemson and are happy report that they all belong to this field. The biggest surprise is that Auburn is now at #7 in our rankings even though they had been overlooked by us and by the experts who vote in the polls. As you can see in the table at the AP has Auburn at #11 and the ESPN BPI has them at #14. At the moment they are predicted to receive a well-deserved #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. War Eagle!

Other teams on the watch list include St. Mary’s, Florida, Michigan and Creighton. The Gators and Bluejays both lost this week and St. Mary’s is playing a weak conference schedule so the last two teams into the rankings could be teams we don’t yet have on our radar.

Unlike college football teams that are up and down in their proficiency from week to week, college basketball teams tend to have smooth trajectories as they play their way through their schedule. Some teams improve week-to-week while others fall from grace. This week we witnessed more fall from grace trajectories than improvement trajectories as North Carolina and West Virginia continued to drop like proverbial rocks. The Mountaineers can’t shoot and the Tar Heels can’t defend. Wichita State may be the next victim of this downward trend. They were out-quicked by less talented Temple in their overtime loss last night.

Clearly the weakest Power Five conference is the Pac 12. Arizona State appears to have been a flash in the pan and Arizona continues to underachieve. No other team in that conference merits mentioning.  

Check back Monday evening for the weekend results.