Introducing the Missing Ingredient: RPG!

The Relative Performance Grading system (RPG) precisely measures the playing performance of college football and basketball teams using the correctly calculated five basketball and eleven football metrics that determine the outcome of every game. Average playing performance over the course of a season accurately ranks each team relative to all others so we know when the playoff committees get it right or wrong.

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Mike Nemeth is a retired Information Technology executive and computer system architect who designed enterprise computer systems to manage the business of global insurance companies. The RPG system is a properly conceived and designed system to precisely measure the quality of college basketball and football team play. Gotta go...to an indie bookstore!As a hobby, Mike coached AAU basketball teams in Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas and won a Georgia State Championship. As a writer, Mike is the author of the Amazon bestseller Defiled and the soon-to-be-released thriller The Undiscovered Country.

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